1. Responsable for the processing: MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. + Info.


 The resposible of the data processing and owner of the website  https://mktglobalsourcing.com/ is MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. (the Company) with tax domicile in Avda. Cerdanyola 75, floor 1 , 08172 –  SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES, BARCELONA and with CIF B67309641.  Registered in the Public Registry of Barcelona, Tome 46604, Page 122, Sheet B-525208, Registration 1.

Telf.: +34 937 039 357

Email: privacidad@mktglobalsourcing.com

2. Purpose of the processing: Give answers to the data requested, management of purchases and reservations, commercial management. + Info.


In MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. we process the data that you provide us with the purpose of answering to the information requests that you ask us, providing information about our services or products, manage internally or externally the services or orders that you place us, as well as fulfilling the legal obligations that derivate of the activities stated before.

Similarly, the data that is collected during your navigation is treated with the objective of providing access to the online content of the website, as well as answering to the requests of the user of the website, having an statistical registration of the visits (IP directions, browser data, country, website where you have accessed, etc.) or apply the necessary measures to improve the website security.

In case of fulfilling any of the forms it will be necessary to facilitate personal data, which will be processed with that purpose that it is requested for.

3. Legitimation of the processing: Agreement of the user, compliance with the legal obligations and, where appropriate, the execution of a contract or proposal. Legitimate interest. +Info.


The legal base for your personal data processing is the express consent when you facilitate it when you ask for information, or rather the execution of the contract that is generated when you request us for any of our products or services. The legitimation for the processing of the personal data of the suppliers is based in the contractual relationship generated when we contract them. The legitimation for the processing of the data of our employers is based in the labour relationship that unites us.


We inform you that as it is established in the ruling of personal data protection, in case that you send us by any means your CV to MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L., this will be stored and will be treated with the purpose of participating in the selection processes that the company conducts. The base that legitimates our treatment is your consent expressed when you have voluntarily sent us your CV.

Similarly, we inform you that your personal data will be eliminated, and will not be conserved any copy, in the case that your profile does not fit in any of the positions offered by the Company. In case that your profile can be potentially for the Company, your CV will be conserved during a year for future selection processes. At the end of this time while no being convoked for any process, it will be deleted, and we will not have or conserve any copies of your personal data.

4. Conservation period: While the legitimation due to an agreement, contractual relation or legal obligation lasts. + Info.

CONSERVATION PERIOD, How long will we conserve your data?

The personal data that you provide us will be conserved during the necessary time to manage the information that you request us, as well as manage the product orders that you place us or the services that you contract, or for fulfilling any contract that is generated between MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. and third parties.

Once your data have fulfilled the necessities for which they were collected, we will eliminate them permanently. However, we will conserve your data more time in case that it was necessary in order to fulfil the legal obligations. Similarly, it can be necessary to conserve them for the necessary time for the preregistration of the legal responsibilities that can be generated.

5. Recipients: The data that you provide us will be added to a data base that belongs to MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L and will not be transferred to third parties, except for those that necessarily have to intervene in order to provide any service contracted by the user. + Info.


Inside our organization your personal data will be processed by the duly authorised employees and, if it was necessary or convenient in order to fulfil the purposes stated before, they will be processed, in specific cases, by third parties.

The categories of the receivers who can be communicated with your personal data are the followings:

  1. Third parties appointed in charge of the processing, such as IT suppliers, legal consultants and other companies.
  2. Entities and public authorities, including, exclusively with the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations and regulations, as well as the requirements of the police authority when it is required.
  3. Other suppliers which, in your case, your personal data can be lent, or other necessary for the normal operation of financial institutions, insurance companies, suppliers of logistic/transport services, customs, among others.

In any case, all of them will have previously signed the corresponding confidentiality agreement satisfying the current regulation of personal data protection.

In certain circumstances, your personal data can be communicated outside the EEE between the company of the group MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. or third parties in charge of the processing. In these cases, we ascertain that MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. have adopted the necessary guarantees, including the binding corporative ruling or the standard clauses of data protection adopted by the UE Commission, with the purpose of guaranteeing an adequate protection to the parties. You can obtain proves of the adequate guarantees implemented by MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L contacting us through our email direction privacidad@mktglobalsourcing.com

6. Exercise of the rights: Accessing, rectifying and supressing your data, as well as the rest of the rights belonging to the current legislation. +Info


If you want to exercise your right that the ruling of data protection provide you, please, send us an email to the following direction privacidad@mktglobalsourcing.com  writing in the subject the right that you want to exercise and attaching a copy of your ID Card or passport, or sending the same content by postal mail to Avda. Cerdanyola 75, floor 1, SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES -08172 – BARCELONA.

The rights that the current ruling grants and that, in your case, you can exercise are the following:

Right to acess your data:

You have the right that the person responsible of the processing communicates you if your personal data rather being or not processed, and in the case that it is being processed, they will facilitate your access to the following information:

-The purpose of the processing.

-The type of data being processed.

-The period or criteria for the conversation of the data.

Right to modify the data:

You have the right that the person responsible of the processing modifies your data when it is inaccurate or incomplete through an additional rectifying declaration.

Right to delete the data:

The party concerned will have the right that the responsible person deletes their data, when:

-The processing is illegal.

-The party concerned has withdrawn their consent.

-It is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed.

-The party concerned has exercised their right of opposition and there is no other legitimate reason for its treatment.

-The data must be deleted to fulfil the legal obligation of the responsible person of the processing.

The party concerned Will not have the right that the responsible person deletes his data when its treatment is necessary in order to:

-Exercise the right of freedom of expression and information.

-Fulfil a legal obligation of the treatment responsible person.

-Formulation, exercise or defence of demands.

-The public interest, based on the current legislation for public health reasons or with the purpose of historical, statistical or scientific investigation.

Right of portability of the data:

You have the right that the treatment responsible person processes your data to other treatment responsible person or the party concerned, through a format of regular use and mechanic reading, when the processing is effected by automated means and based on:

-The consent of the party concerned with specific purposes.

-The execution of a contract or contract proposal with the party concerned.

The right of portability will not be applied when:

-Its transmission is technically impossible.

-It can affect negatively to the rights or freedom of third parties.

-The processing has a mission in the public interest based on the current legislation.

Right of limiting the processing:

The party concerned will have the right to oppose the processing of his personal data done by the treatment responsible person based on personal situation reasons, when the treatment is based on:

-Direct marketing.

-Profile development.

-Legitimate interest of the responsable person or third parties, as far as it does not prevail the interests or right and freedoms of the concerned party, especially if it is a child.

-Historical, statistical or scientific investigation, except the processing that is necessary for public interest reasons.

Despite the concerned party opposes the processing of his data, the person responsible will be able to continue processing it as far as the legitimate interest of the persona responsible rules over the interest or the rights and freedoms of the concerned party in a legal procedure that justifies it.

Right of opposition:

It is the right that the processing of the data is not performed or it is interrupted when it is not necessary their consent for the processing, for occurrence of a legitimate reason, referred to his particular personal situation, that justifies it, or when a law states otherwise.

Right of not having a profile elaborated:

The concerned party will have the right of not having a profile elaborated which purpose would be to adopt individual decisions bases in an automatic processing of the data and destinated to evaluate, analyse or predict the following personal aspects:

-Professional performance.

-Economic situation.


-Personal interests or preferences.



-Location or movement of the person.

When the elaboration of profiles is based only in an automatic process:

-The party concerned will have the right of being informed if the decision that can be taken can produce them legal effects that can affect them significatively.

-The party concerned will have the right of obtaining the human intervention of the responsible personal, to express his point of view and impugn the decision, if the treatment has been authorised through:

-The explicit consent of the party concerned.

-A contract between the responsible person and the party concerned.

The right of not having a profile elaborated will not be applied when the decision would be authorised through:

-The explicit consent of the concerned party.

– A contract between the responsible person and the party concerned.

-A fundamental treatment of the current legislation.

7. Cookies policy: Our website may contain cookies. + Info.


 Our website may use a technology called “cookies” with the purpose of obtaining information about the use of our website. We inform you that we can use cookies with the purpose of facilitating your navigation through our website, distinguish you from other users or identify problems to improve our website. Additionally, if you induce consent, we could use cookies that gave us more information about your preferences and personalise our website in accordance with of your individual interest.

This cookies policy has the purpose of informing you clearly and precisely about the cookies that are used in our website in every moment. In the case that you would like to gather more information about the cookies used in our website, you can send an e-amil to the following direction:  privacidad@ mktglobalsourcing.com         

¿What are the cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your system (computer or mobile phone) with the purpose of storing data that can be updated and recovered by the responsible entity of its installation.

The information gathered through our cookies may include the date and time of the visit to our website, the pages visited, how long you have been in our website and the sites visited just after and before.


Session cookies:

Session cookies are those that are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us to improve the functioning of our website. The information gathered is used to improve the quality of our service and your experience as user.

Persistent cookies:

These cookies stay in your browser for longer, allowing us to recognise you as recurrent visitor of our website and adapt our content in order to offer you content that adjusts to your preferences:








1 month

Registers that the cookies policy has been seen.



This cookie is used by the encrypting language PHP to allow that the variables of SESSION are stored in the web server. This cookie is essential for the correct functioning of the website.


2 years

Its purpose is the analysis of the use of the website by the user.


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Its purpose is the analysis of the use of the website by the user.


2 years

It is used to distinguish the users


10 minutes

It is an analytic cookie, related to Google Analytics. It is used to differentiate between the different tracking objects created in the session.



Cookie that contains an anonymous identifier to distinguish users.



1 year

It allows the website to fulfil the cookies regulation, informing to the users that this website uses cookies, by a pop-up window to show you more information and the option of blocking scripts before accepting them









1 month

Personalise advertising


20 years

Consent of the Google services


6 months

Store preferences of the user in webs with Google maps.


10 minutes

Store information, identifiers and preferences


2 years

Cookies for the functioning of Doubleclicks, evaluates the effectiveness of the online marketing campaigns


2 years

Contains the last encrypted and signed electronic records and the ID of the Google account of the user. The combination of these two cookies allows the defence against many types of attacks, such as attempted robberies of the content of the forms that are fulfilled in our website.


2 years

Cookie used to manage the preferences of the user


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Contains the last encrypted and signed electronic records and the ID of the Google account of the user. The combination of these two cookies allows the defence against many types of attacks, such as attempted robberies of the content of the forms that are fulfilled in our website.


3 months

This cookie is used by Google to provide services and extract anonymous information about our navigation.


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Publicity. These cookies are used to show you advertisements more relevant for you and your preferences.



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Publicity. These cookies are used to show you advertisements more relevant for you and your preferences.



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This cookie has an advertising purpose. Contains a unique randomly generated number that allows the platform to distinguish from several browsers and devices. This information is used to measure the efficiency of the advertisements and provide recommendations related to products based on statistical data.


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Used to improve the security against the CSRF vulnerabilities that took advantage from the cookies that could be shared by the browser between website.


1 month

Gather information about the preferences to use them with advertising purpose. None of these cookies store personal data.

If you want more information about the use of the cookies by Google Inc., you can contact them from the website: http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/

Additionally, if you interact with the contents of our website you can also establish cookies from third parties (such as clicking on our social network buttons or watching videos housed in other websites).

We include the links to the web sites where you can consult the description of the type of cookie that use the social networks that you can access from our website and its expiration period:





When you access for the first time to our website, a banner will appear to accept the cookies policy.


In any case, we inform you that, given that the cookies are not indispensable for the use of our website, you can block or disable them activating the configuration of your browser that allow you to reject the installation of all the cookies or some of them. Almost all browsers allow you to notice the presence of cookies or reject them automatically. If you reject them you will be able to keep using our website, although some services may be limited and, therefore, your experience in our website les satisfactory. For more information about its elimination, disabling or blocking of the cookies, please visit:


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If you want to watch the videos developed by the Agencia Española de Proteccion de Datos with the purpose of explaining how to configurate the privacy options in different platforms and systems: https://www.aepd.es/


We may update the Cookies policy in our website, that is the reason why we recommend you to revise this policy each time that you access our website with the purpose of being correctly informed about how and why we use cookies.

8. Claim againts the Control Authority: You may address your complaints arising from the treatment of your personal data to the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (www.aepd.es). + Info.


In the case that you consider that MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. has infringed any of your rights protected by the personal data protection regulation or that this has infringed any obligations related to personal data protection, you have the right to file a claim to the relevant control authority which in Spain is the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos located in Calle Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 – Madrid.

Tel. 901 100 099 – 912 663 517

You can also file an electronic claim through its electronic seat that is available in its website: https://www.aepd.es

9. Legislation: The current privacy policy is subject in each of its points by the General Regulation of Data protection of the UE and other regulations related. + Info.


 This privacy policy is governed in each of its points by the Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council, April 27th 2016, related to the protection of natural people in respect of the processing of personal data and its free circulation.

Similarly, it is ruled by Ley Orgánica 3/2018, December 5th, of personal data protection and guarantee of the digital rights. Similarly, our website is ruled by Ley 34/2002, June 11th, of services of the information society and e-commerce.

10. Update: February 2020. +Info


 This privacy policy has been last updated in February 2020 but may be updated in any moment. We recommend you consult it each time that you Access our website in case it has suffered any changes.