TERMS AND conditions of the website

  1. scope:

This Terms and Conditions of the Website establish the general conditions that regulate the access, as well as the navigation and the use of the content of the present website.

The information contained in this website touches upon the services provided by MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. All the information contained in this site is for information purposes only and in no way constitutes a firm or link offer for transaction deals. MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. reserves the right of modifying the information contained when desired and without previous notice, not being responsible of the accuracy, insufficiency or authenticity of the information provided.

In turn, the right to modify the content of the present document of use of the website is reserved. Therefore, the user must read carefully this document in each one of the occasions that it is willing to use this website, as these and its conditions of use outlined in the current use of the website may suffer modifications.

The provision of service of this website has a limited duration to the moment that the user is connected to the website or any of the services that through it are provided.

  1. Use conditions of the website:

With the only Access, navigation or the use of the website, you acquire the condition of user. The user accepts fully and without any reservations the conditions contained in the present legal notice.

The user commits to using the website, with its services and content, lawfully, according to the current legislation, the general uses accepted, good faith and public order.

The user commits to not taking actions that may damage the website, disable, overload or deteriorate it in any way, or prevent the rest of the users their free access, usage or enjoyment of the website.

  1. intelectual propierty and use of the content:

MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. is the holder of the intellectual and industrial property of this website and all its content (for instance: texts, photographs and any other audio-visual content, software, graphic design, etc.) or possesses the corresponding license or authorisation for its use. The access to the navigation and the use of the website by the user does not imply a waiver, transmission or license, nor the transfer total or partially of those.

It is prohibited from reproducing, modifying, reusing, exploiting, communicating publicly, loading files, sending by email, transmitting, using, treating or distributing, in any way, totally or part of the content included in this website for public or commercial purposes, without the express and written approval of MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. The logotype   is a registered trademark property of MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. It is completely forbidden its reproduction or usage without the written approval of its holder. 

  1. Links


MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. shall not be liable of all the information provided in the World Wide Web not elaborated by MKT ASIAN SOURCING, or not published under its name. The website may content links of hypertext towards other websites of the World Wide Web that are completely independent of this website. S.L MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. will not answer or guarantee, in any way, the accuracy, insufficiency or authenticity of the information provided by any person or entity, natural or juridical, with or without own juridical personality, through the hypertext links stated before.


If any other website, user or entity, desires to establish a link towards https://mktglobalsourcing.com/, this link must submit to the conditions below:

  1. The link Will go towards the main website or any of its sections. The link, in any case, must be absolute and complete, bringing the user with a single click to the URL of the main website or the URL of any of its sections. The link must cover all the extension of the screen with the portal https://mktglobalsourcing.com/.
  2. In any case, except for the express written authorisation of MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L., the website that establishes the link will reproduce in any way https://mktglobalsourcing.com/, including it as a part of their website, using frames, redirections or any other way that implies hiding the source of the information .
  3. It is not authorised to establish a link towards https://mktglobalsourcing.com/, from websites that contain illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene content, contravening the moral or public order.

The service of Access to the website includes technical devices of linking, directories and even searching devices that enable the user to access other websites and internet portals (henceforth, ‘linked sites’). In this cases MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. acts as an accordance intermediator with the Law of Information Services and electronic Commerce service provider and will only be responsible of the content and services provided by the linked sites as far as it has the real knowledge of the illegality and have not disable the link with the due diligence. In the case that the user considers that exists a linked site with illegal or inadequate content, the user will be able to communicate it to MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. sending a message to privacidad@mktglobalsourcing.com/, in any case this communication implies the obligation to disable the corresponding link.

In any case, the existence of linked sites should presuppose the existence of any agreement with the person responsible or owner of these, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. with the manifestation, content or services provided.

MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. does not know the content and the services of the linked sites and, therefore, is not responsible of the damage dealt due to the illegality, quality, outdated, unavailability, error or futility of the content and/or services of the linked sites, nor for any damage that is not directly attributable to MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L.

  1. EXCLUSIon of liability: 

The responsibility in the use of this website corresponds only and exclusively to the user.

MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. is not responsible, in any case, of the liquidated damages of any nature that may be caused by:

  1. The unavailability, maintenance or operation of the website or its services and content, as it depends on the supplies and services of third parties.
  2. The mistakes or omissions of the information published, as well as the lack of utility, adequacy or validity of the website or its services or content to satisfy the needs, activities or concrete results or expectation of the users.

The Access to the portal does not imply the obligation of MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. of controlling the absence of viruses or any other damaging informatic element. It corresponds to the user, in any case, the availability of the suitable tools for the detection or disinfection of damaging informatic programs. MKT ASIAN SOURCING, S.L. denies responsibility of the damages produces to the computer equipments of the users and third parties during the use of the website.

  1. LEGISLation

These conditions of use are governed in each of its points by the Spanish law and the General of Data Regulation Protection of the European Union.

  1. update

The present document has been reviewed for the last time in February 2020.